UPDATE (12/16 9:38): Please come out tomorrow to Wiley Manuel at 9am for a court hearing in Dept 104.

UPDATE (12/11 5:45): 2 Comrades are being released tonight! One of them is being released no charges filed, the other is our injured comrade who just got bailed out. They need rides from Santa Rita TONIGHT! If you can give rides, please comment below to coordinate with others.

UPDATE (12/10 11:50): There are arraignments tomorrow (THURSDAY) morning at 9am in Dept 107 and 112 at Wiley Manuel Courthouse. Please come out and support!!

UPDATE (12/8 5:45): Of the five people arrested in Berkeley, three people’s charges were not filed. (These were the three people facing felony charges.) Two people’s arraignments got pushed to tomorrow (TUESDAY). One is at 9am in 107, and one is at 2pm in 112. Please come out tomorrow and support!!!

UPDATE (12/7 7pm): 
There are a lot of arraignments tomorrow, all of which need court support!
1) One person has a courtdate at 9am at SF Superior Court (850 Bryant) in Dept 9.
2)3 hearings at 9am at Wiley Manuel Dept 112 for people arrested during the first few days of protests. 2 of this people are still in custody.
2) 5 arraignments at 2pm at Wiley Manuel for people who were arrested last night in Berkeley.

**While it is important to get people out to all of these court dates, we want to emphasize the need to pack the courtroom in SF. This person has been in custody since Black Friday, and we are trying to get them out on something similar to OR. Their lawyers have stated that a full courtroom of support could possibly impact the judge’s decision. **

UPDATE (12/2 11am): Out of 12 people with arraignments, 9 had no charges filed. 8 of them are being released tonight at Santa Rita jail. Remember, the D.A. has up to 1 year to file charges on misdemeanors and 3 years on felonies, so those who were arraigned need to keep checking on their status.  The 9th person with no charges filed will not be released tonight due to a legal mix-up. They have court on Wednesday at 9 am so please show up if you can! Three people are being charged with felonies. One has already been bonded out and the other two cannot be bonded or bailed because of prior holds. We will keep you updated with info about their court dates as soon as we can.

UPDATE (11/29 9:15pm): : 68 people were arrested last night in San Francisco at the Black Friday March. Almost all were cited and released. 2 ppl are still currently in custody and will have arraignments sometime this week. We will give more details about SF court support for this upcoming week on Monday.

UPDATE (11/27 4:30pm): There will be arraignments on Monday 12/1/14 at 2pm in Dept 112 at Wiley Manuel courthouse (7th St. and Washington in downtown Oakland) for a handful of people arrested at the Ferguson Protests on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Court support is necessary for sustaining this movement! Please make sure to come and support your comrades against state repression!

UPDATE (11/27 11:30am):  In terms of arrests called into National Lawyers Guild, 13 were called in Monday night, 16 were called in Tuesday night, and 21 were called in last night. Of those arrests, 10 people are currently still in jail, 9 of whom were arrested last night. If you know of anyone currently in jail who has not spoken to the NLG, please call them into the Hotline: 415 285 1011

UPDATE (11/26 5pm): Another Call has been made ALL OUT TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26) 7:00PM AT 14TH + BROADWAY IN OAKLAND!

NLG Hotline Number: 415 285 1011. Be Safe out there tonight!

UPDATE (11/26 3pm): No charges were filed against the five people who had arraignments today. They will all be released tonight. They could be released anywhere between 8pm and 3am at Santa Rita. If you have a car, please get out there with food and cigarettes to greet our comrades getting out of jail!

Original Post: In the wake of last nights rebellion the National Lawyers Guild has confirmed that 5 people are still in custody. Three of them are facing minor charges of obstructing an officer and others have charges that range between battery and failure to leave the scene of a riot. 5 people will be arraigned on 11/26 at 9am at Wiley Manuel Courthouse Dept 107, however they will probably be seen by the court in the afternoon after 2:30pm. Please show up to support if you can.

March & Noise Demo Tonight!

  Featured image

“Drop the Charges, Free Them All, Shut It Down for Mike Brown!

Over the past week, brave protesters and street fighters have taken to the streets across the country igniting a brilliant revolt against the police, white supremacy and capitalism. The people of Ferguson are an inspiration to us all and their actions have sparked an unstoppable movement that has now spread nation wide. From the mass highway takeovers to the expropriation of looted goods to the disruptions of Black Friday consumerism to the street fights with police, we stand in full solidarity with all those who have put their lives and bodies on the line to help push the struggle forward and disrupt business as usual. We reject all attempts to divide those in the streets between “good protesters” and “bad protesters”. Anyone pushing this agenda is doing the work of the state and is an enemy of the movement.

Hundreds have been arrested in this rebellion including roughly 200 here in the Bay Area. All of those who are still in jail locally are facing felony charges allegedly related to the looting of various corporate stores. Not surprisingly, all of these comrades who the state has chosen to make examples of are Black.

Join us this Friday for a march and noise demo in support of the revolt and those facing state repression for their involvement in this movement.

(on the edge of First Friday)


(This event is not being organized by ARC)

Court Support for Matt

Our comrade Matt Bonal is facing trumped up charges from a Ferguson protest in SF several months ago. He refused a plea deal because he wants to fight the charges in court. He has a strong case but needs all of our support. The legal system can be intimidating and scary and we need to be there to show Matt and the courtroom that we have his back. Please come out to show your support. Remember, solidarity doesn’t end in the streets. If we want to be able to take to the streets, we need to show solidarity in the courts as well.

Matt’s trial begins Friday December 5, 9 am, in Dept. 17. His lawyer says a good turnout is very helpful on the first day of trial. Come out and tell your friends to come too!

Ferguson Solidarity Protest at Walmart in Oakland Tomorrow!

                                   Featured image

Saturday November 28th at 11 AM: Ferguson solidarity protest at Oakland Walmart at 8400 Edgewater Dr.

“Let’s start connecting the dots…how white supremacy, police terror, poverty and wealth are all related. Help disrupt business and educate the public of how it is all related.
Saturday the target is Walmart….we do it in solidarity with Ferguson…in solidarity with the Ohlone people disrupting business at Emeryville shopping center at the annual Shellmound protest…we do it in solidarity with #BlackoutBlackfriday disrupting the biggest shopping day in the U.S.KKK, and we do it in solidarity with Walmart workers striking across the country.

Join us in informing shoppers about Walmart’s connection to funding police terror, the same terror that killed mike brown and let his murderer walk free.

* John H Crawford, 22-year old Black man was killed in an Ohio Walmart in August, for being a customer looking at one of their BB guns for sale.

* Walmart’s sales of toy guns contribute to the desensitization and normalization of violence and terror, including that which we experience from the police

*Access to the toy guns is putting youth at risk of being shot and killed by pigs who can’t tell the difference between a toy and the real thing. How many children carrying toy gun have been killed by pigs? Rest with Angels, Andy Lopez and Tamir Rice!

*Walmart’s business plan has been shared and used by the Corrections Corporation of America, which is the biggest private prison company in the US.

*Walmart employs the most off duty police officers as security guards in the country.

*People getting arrested and pipelined into the prison industrial complex are not a majority violent criminals. They are people committing “crimes of poverty.” And Walmart contributes to creating and maintaining poverty:
Number 1 on the Fortune 500, with net sales of $473.1 billion, Walmart rakes in $16 billion a year in profits and steals more than $8 billion a year from taxpayers forced to subsidize food, healthcare and housing for Walmart workers struggling to get by. The taxes they do pay provide significant funding for local police repression forces.

*Walmart is the largest employer of African-Americans in the United States. About 19% of Walmart’s 1.4 million US workers are African-American. Unfortunately, Walmart jobs keep our communities in poverty—wages average just $8.81/hour. A full-time Walmart associate earns less than 70 percent of the 2013 federal poverty line for a family of four. At the same time, workers at Walmart struggle to get the hours they need to make ends meet. People of color are also underrepresented in management jobs at Walmart. Walmart’s low wages are not good for any workers, but minorities are disproportionately represented in low-paying positions. While people of color made up 37% of Walmart’s US workforce in 2012, only 27% of first and mid-level officials and managers were minorities.

*Walmart is a Job Killer in Our Communities. Walmart store openings destroy almost three local jobs for every two they create by reducing retail employment by an average of 2.7 percent in every county they enter.

*Six Walmart heirs own more than the bottom 40% of the country

Please support OurWalmart workers Black Friday, 11/28, protests at Walmart stores around the Bay area including the Oakland store at noon and the Richmond store at 9am. See link for more info: http://blackfridayprotests.org/
This action is organized by Anti-Police Terrorism Project, a project of ONYX in coalition with CRT, Healthy Hoodz, Young Oakland, Workers World, Alan Blueford Center for Justice, and POOR Magazine/ Pensa Pobre.

GENERAL MEETINGS: Third Thursday of the Month, 7:00 PM, Eastside Arts Alliance. “

Important Information on Posting Pictures from Demos

If you are posting pictures online from the protests of the last few nights, please remember: DO NOT POST INCRIMINATING PICTURES ONLINE. This means that pictures posted should not show people’s faces or even distinguishable apparel, such as people’s shoes or backpacks. The police can and will use these pictures to prosecute and charge people. Let’s not help the state in its effort to repress us!

Black Friday: No Business As Usual

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“From Ferguson to Ayotzinapa to the Bay Area & beyond,

From Mike Brown to 43 Mexican students to Alex Nieto & others,

No justice, no peace, until no state & no police

No business as usual on Black Friday:
Shut it down for Mike Brown, in solidarity & strength

Meet at 5 pm, Embarcadero, SF

Invite your friends, spread the word, make banners & signs to bring (along with music & noise).”

(This event is not organized by ARC, we are merely spreading the word)