Help with Housing for a Single Mother with 2 kids!


Marsha is an incredible comrade, friend, and super mother to 2 young boys. With the tragic passing of Monique Robinson, it is clear we need to step up our solidarity and take care of our own. Let’s get Marsha and the kids off the streets, out of shelters, and into their own home where they can be safe and stable.

Donations will go to food, and security deposit and first month’s rent on a place. Please give what you can and pass around widely, it is going to make a huge difference in this family’s well-being. This community will not turn its back when one of us is in need. Let’s pull together and help this wonderful family out!

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Rest in Power Monique- Please support Taylor


Monique Robinson, our comrade and our friend, was killed last week. We all lost Monique but none lost as much as her children. Taylor has long had a few primary caregivers, other than Monique. People she chose and trusted. People who have loved and raised Taylor with her. These folks and Taylor need our support right now. There will be many costs for them. There will be emotional and financial costs. The state was already inserting itself in Taylor’s life and relationships, they may involve themselves now more than ever.

Let’s pull together to help with the financial costs that are surely coming, nomatter what arrangements are made for Taylor.

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Sin Fronteras: A Benefit for Mexican Political Prisoners


Come to Qilombo Community Center on Sunday April 6th at 6pm to hear about support forming for political prisoners in Mexico from people working on various campaigns for political prisoners in Mexico City as well as Soy 132 Bay Area and the support work they are doing for a political prisoner in Guerrero. Hear how these networks of support are formed and help sustain growing resistance across borders.

Funds from this event will be going to comrades arrested on October 2nd 2013 at a demonstration in Mexico City commemorating the 1968 state massacre of UNAM students.

In a time when state repression is heightening and ever growing networks of surveillance and infiltration seek to destroy resistance, solidarity becomes an important weapon against these tactics. Mexico has been a site of inspiring rebellion and resistance for decades and state repression has been especially brutal for those who stand up, so please come learn more and support!!

*We will be selling Tamales and Hot Chocolate!*

This event is co-hosted with YoSoy132 Bay Area (

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More Information on October 2nd Prisoners:

Solidarity with the Trayvon 2!

The Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee (BARC) stands in solidarity with the Trayvon 2 in their fight against racist profiling and prosecution by Oakland’s Police Department (OPD) and District Attorney’s Office. On July 15, 2013, Hannibal Shakur (Lamar Caldwell) and Tanzeen Doha joined hundreds of other Oaklanders who took the streets in protest at the injustice of George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Hannibal & Tanzeen were subsequently arrested and charged with felony vandalism after police alleged to have witnessed them break the window of a Men’s Warehouse store, a highly questionable allegation given that police arrested the two after snatching them out of a larger crowd of individuals all wearing dark hoodies in honor of Trayvon.

The Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee is outraged not only by these baseless allegations, but also by the clearly evident racist and Islamophobic targeting at work in this case. Hannibal and Tanzeen, two young Muslim men of color, are the only individuals facing felony prosecution for their participation in the Trayvon Martin protests in Oakland.

We are outraged that when hundreds of Oaklanders fill the streets to demand that some value be placed on the lives of young black men like Trayvon Martin, the City of Oakland’s response is to prioritize the protection of corporate windows.

We are outraged that in a context of severe budget cuts that are choking our schools, hospitals and social services, the District Attorney’s Office has decided to allocate extensive resources to prosecuting these two young men for their alleged involvement in breaking a window. When young black men like Trayvon are brutally murdered, the justice system fails to act. But when a corporate window is broken, it pursues and prosecutes with a ferocity that is blind and merciless.

The Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee calls upon all concerned communities to stand in solidarity with the Trayvon 2. But in doing so, let us remember that solidarity is not simply expressed – it must be enacted. Solidarity requires actively defending each other from state repression. Here’s how we can do so for the Trayvon 2:

1)       Fill the Courtroom!

Pretrial hearing on March 6, 9am in Wiley Manuel, Dept 112

Show the DA’s office that we will not stand for its racist and Islamophobic profiling by flooding the courtroom with our bodies and disrupting this unjust prosecution.

Check here for court updates:

2)       Donate to the Travyon 2 Fund

Help by contributing for legal expenses and enabling the defendants to withstand the material impacts of this long drawn out prosecution. Our support will enable them to continue to fight.

Donate here:

3)       Spread the Word!

Take the time to inform your friends, family and community about this case and encourage them to get involved.

Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee (BARC)

Spied Upon: Surveillance & Resistance


Spied Upon: Surveillance & Resistance

Join us Friday February 21st 7-9 pm at Sudo Room (Wheelchair accessible.)
2141 Broadway (enter on 22nd), Oakland – three blocks from 19th St. Bart!

Between the ever-present fear of informants to the profusion of metadata collection and the construction of the Domain Awareness Center (DAC) in Oakland, the growing problem of surveillance has made it into the mainstream dialogue, but the people and communities most affected are sometimes being left out of the conversation.

Join us for an evening of ideas, discussion and your questions about solidarity in the face of this intimidation. How do we support one another and our movements when being targeted by police, surveillance and informants? What are the legal, community and political responses that can best keep the larger “us” safe and allow our movements to flourish?

Jason Kirkpatrick, filmmaker and activist, will show clips of and discuss his upcoming film, Spied Upon. Interviewing activists across the world and telling his own personal story, Jason will take us on a journey into one of Europe’s biggest political surveillance scandals, documenting growing movements of resistance to surveillance along the way.

Zahra Billoo, Civil rights attorney and Executive Director at the Bay Area Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), speaks on the use of informants in a post-9/11 context, their impact, the community’s resistance and lessons learned.

Richard Brown, Black Panther and member of the SF8, will share his history with undercover police and surveillance, imparting the ‘long view’ of solidarity learned from a lifetime of activism.

- Panel Discussion -
Q & A with the speakers will follow in conversation with representatives from:
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee
Bay Area Coalition to Stop Political Repression (at AROC)
Legal Workers of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
Oakland Privacy Working Group (OPWG / anti-DAC)

All donations gratefully received will go to the Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee and the Legal Workers at the Bay Area chapter of the NLG – two groups long supporting the Bay Area radical community with legal and educational assistance. Thank you!